KOVEA Booster+1 - tough dual fuel expedition stove

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Powerful, Tough, Proven Expedition Stove

Powerful & Flexible Performance

  • Powerful, light, compact, robust expedition stove for prolonged snow melting in extreme conditions down to -40 degrees C, and colder
  • Max power output: 12,719 BTU (white gas) 7,319 BTU (Iso-butane) making it one of the most powerful dual-fuel stoves available.
  • In less harsh conditions, or shorted expeditions, easily switches to standard screw thread iso-butane canister gas with no need to change the nozzle
  • Very fine low flame control for fuel efficient snow melting and gourmet cooking

Tough Construction

  • Very strong, precision cast stainless steel construction
  • Optimised for white gas (Coleman fuel) but also runs on diesel, unleaded petrol and kerosene (though more frequent cleaning is required with these dirtier fuels)
  • Field maintainable; comes complete with lightweight aluminium fuel pump, tool kit, pricker, oil, spare o-rings, spare nozzle and lightweight compact carry case.
  • Stove, pump, fuel-line and regulator manufactured at KOVEA's high technology facility in South Korea.
  • Fuel bottle manufactured in western Europe by the only precision manufacturer (from a global search) which could meet KOVEA's exacting quality and safety standards.



Expedition Usage

  • 1-6 man extreme expeditions, group hiking, trekking, snow melting, cooking
  • 2016 Chosen by Mark Hines for the first ever solo unsupported attempt on the 1000 mile Yukon Quest trail on foot
  • 2015 Used by Mark Hines for his 500 mile unsupported ultra-run along the Yukon Ultra route.
  • 2014 & 2012 Used as the main stove for the extreme kitesurfing expedition to ascend Mount Blackburn, Alaska where the team relied on the Booster+1 to melt snow for every drop of water.
  • Used in the Karakorums on several first ascents
  • (Also popular with carp fishermen for long nights by the water in cold temperatures)
  • Previously marketed at Markill Phoenix Multifuel Stove

Snow melting on the 1000 mile Yukon Quest Trail

Snow melting on the 1000 mile Yukon Quest Trail (copyright Mark Hines)

Making dinner on KOVEA Booster+1 during cold weather training in the Alps

Making dinner at during high altitude training in the Alps (Copyright Blackburn Kite Surfing Team)

 Field Maintenance

Cleaning the Generator Tube: after running your KOVEA Booster+1 on dirty fuels like paraffin and premium unleaded, residue builds up inside the generator tube. This will eventually impair stove performance. Residue can be cleaned easily by removing the cable inside the tube, wiping clean, and replacing. (It takes less than 2 minutes.)


Cleaning the Fuel Valve: If the stove doesn't light properly, it may have an obstruction in the fuel valve. Here is how to flush out any obstruction with fuel. It takes a minute or two. (Important: Please be sure to do this away from any source of ignition): 





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