£ 18.95 each


KOVEA "Push and Turn" (PAT) ADAPTER for non-screw thread canisters. 

Allows you to use blue "push and turn" canisters with KOVEA's standard screw thread camping stoves.

Essential when backpacking / camping in France and the Alps, and to increase your canister options worldwide. 

  • Uses KOVEA's patented "Push and Turn" connector to connect standard screw-thread stoves to blue Campingaz®-type canisters.
  • Use for worldwide travel to increase your gas canister options; especially useful in France and the Alps.
  • Can be used with KOVEA Spider, SupaLite, Titanium, Power Nano and many other premium quality stoves with standard screw thread connector (with a few exceptions*)  
  • KOVEA also manufactures this product under the Vaude/Edelrid/Markill brands
  • Weight: 70g
  • Not for use with puncture-type canisters
  • Code: KA 2004  

*KOVEA PAT adapter is not compatible with Soto Windmaster stove or Cadac BBQ stove

There is no commercial relationship between Campingaz® and either KOVEA Co Ltd or MercatorGear.com







 KOVEA PAT Campingaz adapter and compatible canisters